Cimpl Presents the New “ROI Center” for IT & Telecom Expense Management

August 26, 2015 3 minute read

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Please note that Etelesolv has changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016.

CimplManager’s Automatic ROI Calculation Feature Eliminates Guesswork in Reports

  • Calculating ROI for any given deployed solution is challenging but necessary.
  • CimplManager’s ROI Center feature automatically calculates the return on investment for easy assessment.
  • Feature provides precise details on inventory accuracy, time savings, and hard dollar savings.


(MONTREAL, QC – August 26, 2015) – Etelesolv (now Cimpl), Canada’s leader in IT and telecom expense management, proudly highlights CimplManager’s new “ROI Center” feature. This is a powerful function unique to CimplManager wherein multiple measures of ROI performance are automatically calculated on an ongoing basis. This feature was designed with the CIO and IT manager in mind and was implemented to simplify the drafting of regular ROI reports.

The company’s VP of Sales and Marketing, made this declaration: “Budgets are often made with only rough estimates on the return they get from implementing solutions. Many will use that as cover. Not us. We don’t hide behind ambiguity. We embrace transparency. We put the ROI of our CimplManager solution upfront. If your TEM provider doesn’t do this for you, how do you justify investing in them? If they want your business, they need to let you know exactly how much value they’re bringing you. You should not settle for less.”

CimplManager’s ROI Center holds to the same design principles that can be seen in the solution’s other features. The ROI Center is an at-a-glance dashboard that showcases:

  • The hard dollar savings and potential cost savings opportunities – these are savings attributable to the identification of billing discrepancies and zero usage services, among others.
  • Time savings for IT staff from automating tasks and processes – the user is shown how many hours are recovered.
  • Inventory accuracy – a snapshot of assignments and mismatches of IT and telecom assets.

The ROI Center sports clean graphics and a simple interface, and places all pertinent information in one dashboard for ease of access. Users will be able to easily build IT budget reports and handily furnish results that justify their choice of solution. The ROI Center is a powerful and unique feature of CimplManager.

The company’s family of products consistently save customers millions of dollars in IT and telecom expenses and IT staff time. With CimplManager’s ROI Center, it becomes simpler than ever for enterprises to see the precise source and value of these savings. This in turn provides non-IT executives with an easy window into the ROI and enables greater overall strategic planning for businesses. IT managers who wish to see more are invited to get a demo from the company.

About the company

With its global coverage, Etelesolv (now Cimpl) is leading a revolution in IT and telecom expense management. Cimpl, our signature platform, brings together actionable data analytics and automates everyday processes to ensure that companies know what they have and what their technology costs at any given time. Our business leadership and employee engagement have also earned serious acclaim. The company is recognized as a PROFIT 500 company and a Branham300 Top 250 ICT because of its high revenue growth. Deloitte took note of our technological innovation and cemented the company’s status as a technology heavyweight on its Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500 lists. We are also ranked as a Best Small and Medium Employer (BSME) in Canada for 2013 and 2014. For more information, visit our website.


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