What is IT Expense Management (ITEM)?

Learn all about ITEM, and the value it brings.


Self-Assessment Checklist

Know if you are ready to control more than your telecom costs.


TEM RFP Questions You Forgot to Ask

Sample Telecom Expense Management RFP Questions to include.


Monthly Training Webinars

Every First Thursday of the month. This month: Cimpl Overview

Customer Story

How a Government Agency Gained Visibility with the Help of a TEM Software

Here is how a government agency gained significant visibility over previously unknown...


Will Telecom Expense Management Give You a Significant ROI?

Discover how to explain the value of TEM in plain ROI terms.


Cimpl Helps Businesses Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint

Learn how our continuous improvement is what drives us to be a...


Creating a Culture of IT Cost Transparency

IT cost transparency helps employees easily view the resources they use on...


How can Payment Readiness Help with Vendor Management?

Payment Readiness and vendor management, together, can greatly help a company and...


Shadow IT: how to use it to your company’s advantage

Shadow IT, despite how it exemplifies a bad practice within an organization,...

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