Monthly Executive Report


Can’t get the details you need from TEM?

We’ve just recently launched our Cimpl Monthly Executive Reports, giving you the ability to demonstrate the value of Cimpl with accessible, actionable analytics. You don’t even have to collect the data and your decision-makers won’t have to log in to Cimpl to access it — all the details are sent directly by email in a comprehensive report.

The way you use your assets and services constantly changes. Using managed services to keep track of that change is one thing, but it’s the reports that will give you a clear picture of all your usage and cost information.

In this 30 minutes On-Demand webinar you will learn:

  • How to createapprove and send the report
  • How to see your actual & potential savings
  • How to get an easy summary of inventory and cost discrepancies
  • How to get an overview of your accounts
  • How to see your cost breakdown, your trends and ROI


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