Clickability for Authoring and Editing

Maximize Every Asset

Clickability knows the importance of content—and the need for intuitive authoring and editing tools. Our robust platform is designed to help you maximize every asset, re-using and repurposing it across all channels to meet your demanding audience’s need for more content faster.

Manage Large Content Libraries

Clickability’s intuitive visual interface is purpose-built so that non-technical users can manage large libraries of content easily and efficiently, supporting publishing operations of any scale. And because our intuitive content management solution is designed for non-technical users, it removes bottlenecks and IT dependencies.

Publish Across More Channels Faster

Clickability supports high-throughput, high-volume publishing for customers publishing thousands of pieces of new content per day. Our content and design workflows let online publishers rapidly and efficiently create and update content, and edit layouts and templates, applying changes across multiple channels.

Support Teams of Any Size, Anywhere

Clickability offers the robustness and scalability to support teams of any size – from tens to thousands of users. Granular user, group, and role management capabilities mean each user has access to their content, and only their content. Because we use a SaaS delivery model, your users can access the platform from anywhere so you have support for teams distributed around the world.

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