Digital Marketing and Personalization

Get the Right Content to the Right People

With Clickability Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA), enterprise marketers can dynamically control the content presented to website visitors, allowing them to better engage audiences and drive conversions. The technology is innovative but the recipe is plain vanilla – getting the right content to the right people to drive leads through the marketing funnel and fill the sales pipeline. And to do it affordably.

application screenshot showing clickability WMA

Control Your Content

Our WMA solution lets you control the content presented to website visitors, serving content to visitor segments such as job function, industry or company size, and individual visitor behavior on the website.

Wisdom From Analytics

Clickability includes powerful capabilities for data tracking, campaign tracking, lead scoring, mapping interests and segments to relevant content and progressive profiling. Robust functionality profiles visitors from first page view and targets content.

Powerful Integrations

Our WMA is just as flexible as our WCM, and it integrates with your other marketing automation and CRM systems to create an even more powerful, end-to-end marketing engine.

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