Integration and Interoperability

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We Play Well With Others

At Clickability, we apply our deep understanding of digital marketing trends and practices into the capabilities we build into our platform. We know that marketing strategies are multi-dimensional and that Web Content Management is one tool in today’s marketing toolbox. Clickability was built for flexible and seamless integrations with the ecosystem of digital marketing solutions.

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Friendly Dev Tools

Our developer tools focus on easy integrations with other IT and marketing systems to help improve internal efficiencies and align your marketing processes and objectives. We know that no website exists completely independent from third party integrations – in fact most sophisticated websites have dozens of third-party integrations.

SDK for Java 6.0

For Java developers, Clickability offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java 6.0. The SDK allows developers to use a Java environment to code against Clickability, performing tasks such as creating, editing, loading, and saving content, creating events, adding comments or ratings, and creating website visitor profile information.

APIs as Web Services

For non-Java developers, Clickability APIs are accessible as Web services, via SOAP. We publish WSDL documents describing all accessible function calls for both APIs, allowing users to write their own SOAP messages against Clickability or use SOA tools such as webMethods to generate stubs to develop against in your preferred language.

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