Website Development

Robust and Powerful Web Development Tools

We encourage customer independence and want every developer working on a Clickability website to innovate and succeed. We offer a rich set of developer tools so that developers are free to create and launch websites completely on their own and with ease within Clickability.

We Extend Velocity

Our template language is coded in Java and uses Velocity—a Java-based template engine that provides a simple yet powerful language. Clickability extends Velocity with custom, proprietary libraries to expose application data, objects, and methods, giving developers an easy way to leverage the power of Java without writing Java code. With Velocity, developers create templates with tags for dynamic information, formatting, and business logic about how to display the page.

Three Dev Environments

Each website can be accessed in three distinct environments – development, staging, and production – that share the same content repository. This means that when a content item is updated, users have the option to make the changes visible only within the development and/or staging environment if they choose.

Sophisticated Dev Tools

Clickability’s comprehensive developer tool set includes Template Editing Tools, Version Control and Developer Diagnostic Tools that facilitate powerful template development while retaining a complete version history of template changes. Powerful diagnostic tools allow easy troubleshooting and debugging. Our Eclipse IDE plugin lets developers create templates in a familiar rich editing environment.

Top Brands Trust Clickability

Reliable Infrastructure

Clickability delivers the infrastructure and availability to power your digital marketing strategies. Our infrastructure is built to be secure, reliable, scalable and high-performance, with all-inclusive uptime performance of 99.999+% — and we don’t exclude maintenance windows from our calculation.

Two Datacenters

We have two geographically diverse, active/active datacenters that power our WCM and deliver your website content live from both data centers at the same time. Either datacenter is capable of handling 100% of the traffic, with plenty of overhead. State-of-the-art hardware ensures high performance and reliability throughout the delivery process, while monitoring and strict security procedures ensure the highest level of reliability and security.