Create and Deliver Dynamic Digital Content

Your viewers depend on you to bring them the news, information, and entertainment they need, across multiple platforms. Clickability’s leading web content management (WCM) platform enables television and news stations to execute their digital strategies with agility, efficiently creating, managing, and publishing content globally. As a result, stations can rapidly deliver dynamic digital content experiences that boost their brand, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

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Manage Large Volumes of Content

Clickability arms you with configurable content types, flexible workflows, content hierarchies, and categorization that make it easy to create and launch dynamic content. Configurable views and navigations simplify publishing and content management, while our agile environment removes time-consuming constraints and dependency on IT resources.

Drive Customized Content Experiences

Make it easy for visitors to find what they want—before they even know they want it. Easy integration with your existing CRM drives positive outcomes through highly targeted content and offers. Segmented lists utilize customer data, allowing stations to serve up content based on customer preferences and key CRM data points such as viewer location.

Publish in Multiple Languages

Your global footprint matters. Our integrated delivery environment differentiates from other WCMs, with multichannel publishing and content management efficiencies, such as multilingual content entry with IETF standard language codes for each entry.

Enable Ongoing Site Development and Innovation

Our SaaS model means that customers benefit from continuous and rapid innovations and are liberated from IT maintenance, overhead and hidden costs, and lengthy implementation times. Our customers are never on obsolete software—we push updates to our platform multiple times per quarter to meet your needs.

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Hundreds of television and news stations are already harnessing the power of Upland Mobile Messaging to connect with their viewers. Here are a few of them.


Driving a Digital Engagement Strategy

Get started formulating a digital marketing strategy and executing on that vision.

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