Clickability Product Tour

Clickability solutions are tailored to your organization and built to address your industry-specific needs.

We combined our easy-to-use platform with best-in-class features and an unyielding focus on customer success to offer you all the tools you need to drive website engagement and see real results.


Intuitive dashboards help you manage content and work

  • Quick at-a-glance view of recent items, activity stream, news, and information
  • Review recent website traffic reports
  • Easily customize your dashboard by choosing a different layout, adding more gadgets, and dragging the gadgets into different positions
application screenshot showing clickability dashboard

Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA)

With Clickability WMA, discover who is visiting your website and drive qualified leads through the sales pipeline.

  • Enable creative marketing strategies to increase traffic, lead conversion and qualification, and promote innovative visitor experiences
  • Transform your website into a revenue acceleration engine
  • Manage, monitor, and interact with website visitors to create a personalized experience
application screenshot showing clickability WMA

Template Design

Clickability encourages ongoing site development and innovation while enabling simultaneous updates to the public site.

  • Leverage a template-based platform to easily share, repurpose, and dynamically link related content
  • A rich and flexible templating language and robust template tools enable rapid website innovation
application screenshot showing clickability design features

Content Management

Clickability’s flexible workflows, content hierarchies, and categorization, robust search and filtering options make managing large volumes of content easy.

  • An intuitive interface allows non-technical users to easily create and manage website content and layout
  • Editors can browse the published website and edit and save items all without leaving the page with in-page editing
application screenshot showing clickability publishing features

Reporting and Analytics

Clickability provides built-in analytics to monitor website performance at all levels.

  • Obtain meaningful analytics for site, content, and visitor activity
  • View interactive graphs to see your website performance over time
  • Quickly toggle between multiple domains and associated reports
application screenshot showing clickability reporting features

Multilingual Publishing

Clickability makes publishing in multiple languages more efficient across a global footprint.

  • Make your content relevant to your target market
  • Manage large volumes of multi-language web content for any device
  • Content can be entered in multiple languages by associating IETF standard language codes with each version of the item
application screenshot showing clickability translation features

Workflow Management

Clickability’s flexible workflow configurations make it easy for teams, large and small, to work effectively.

  • Enable content authoring and production to be structured, streamlined, and controlled
  • Restrict or grant access to content, media and website sections based on organizational structure
  • Easily identify group “managers” who can assign content directly to other members in the group for completion
application screenshot showing clickability workflow features