Visual Content: Winning the Delivery Format Wars and Driving Lead Generation

You have a website and an integrated social media and mobile marketing strategy. So why isn’t your digital presence driving lead conversions, creating long lasting customer relationships and powering brand affinity? Let’s consider what is missing.

You already know that rich media is a powerful tool because pictures tell stories best. Prognosticators have been hailing 2014 as the year of the rise of ‘short form videos’ as consumers want more and more video available on their mobile devices.

Visual content has quickly become the winning delivery format – whether that means videos or static photos, especially in a world where screens are getting smaller and larger at the same time. Why?

Visual content works, period. It is engaging and satisfies the consumer’s entertainment, emotional, informational and social needs. Visual content is easily shareable and integrates nicely with your social media strategy. The success of the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge marketing campaign hinged on the power of short-form video content and people’s desire to share their stories through video.

The proof is in the numbers:

  • Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%
  • Mobile video consumption more than doubled year-over-year from Q2 2013 to Q2 2014 and accounted for 27% of global online video consumption and is forecasted to account for more than half of all online video views by 2016. (Source: Ooyala)
  • 64% of marketers expect video to be a pivotal part of their strategies in the near future (Source: Nielsen)

The first step to getting started using Visual Content is to craft personalized and relevant short-form videos, infographics and images that are unique and representative of your brand.

Once you have your content you will want to leverage it across as many channels and devices as you can. This is where you will want to harness the power of an evolved Content Management Solution.

With SaaS-based CMSs, you can achieve broad distribution and reach for the Visual Content that you have created. You can repurpose your content across multiple regional and local websites and microsites, deliver content seamlessly to mobile devices and across social channels, all while knowing that your content is optimized for whatever viewing device your audience watches on.

Now that your distribution strategy is in place, the final step is monitoring ROI for your campaigns. Choosing metrics such as drop-off rates, click-through rates and total time spent on video that your leads consume will let you know which content is effective and will help you drive a robust lead generation program.

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