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Learn how Ciena rolled out a truly globalized website with Upland Clickability

About the Project

“Our website is the hub of all of our marketing activities,” says Guillermo Corea, Director of Web and Community Marketing at Ciena. “We want to be able to establish and maintain relationships with our customers through, but the instability and inefficiencies of our legacy solution made this increasingly difficult.”

Ciena’s website was built on an early WCM platform and was hosted in-house. Though the system originally met the company’s needs, their implementation was out of date with changes in web publishing paradigms and had become slow and inefficient. Even small changes to the site, such as adding a comma to a sentence, required the company to sync the entire website, which could take up to twenty minutes to complete. Additionally, the system was becoming increasingly unstable. If changes were made to one section of the site, other areas of the website would be affected—from outdated content reappearing randomly on the site, to content showing up in the wrong location. This instability posed significant security risks as well as aesthetic issues. This instability was also a drain on the company in terms of budget and productivity, resulting in an estimated downtime cost of $30,000 per developer each year due to system problems.

“Given the scale of our new website implementation, I was impressed with how smoothly the project ran and how quickly we launched. It took a fraction of the time a project this size normally takes. The Clickability Professional Services people we worked with exceeded all of my expectations.” – Guillermo Corea, Director of Web & Community Marketing, Ciena


After a thorough evaluation of the short-listed WCM solutions, Ciena chose the Clickability Platform for its reliability, ease-of-use, SaaS delivery model and dynamic publishing capabilities. “Given our IT organization’s other responsibilities and our need for dedicated support, we chose the Clickability WCM,” says Corea. “Instead of focusing IT resources on website content updates, they are now free to tackle more important issues, such as integration work to support recent company mergers and acquisitions.”

Additionally, Ciena no longer worries about site crashes. This stability allows them to empower more users to create, edit and publish site content. “Using Clickability, we can have as many people in the system as we need—with no fears that the system will crash,” says Corea.

About Ciena

Ciena Corporation is a leader in communication network infrastructure, associated software and professional services. The company specializes in helping customers transition to service- driven networks that fundamentally change the way they compete. With expertise in optical and ethernet networking, Ciena combines software- programmable hardware, a common operating system, and unified service and transport management to enable customers to adapt and scale with any emergent business model. Ciena solutions form the foundation of many of the largest, most reliable and sophisticated service provider, enterprise, government, and research and education networks across the globe. Ciena customers include AT&T, BT, Cable & Wireless, France Telecom, Korea Telecom, KPN, Qwest, Sprint, Swisscom, Tata Communications, Telecom Argentina, Telmex, Virgin Media and Verizon. Ciena serves numerous enterprises in the healthcare, finance, transportation and retail industries for real- time, latency-sensitive applications such as disaster recovery/business continuity, SAN/LAN extension, data center consolidation and grid computing.


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