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Swiss Re

Swiss Re increases website effiencies and publishes confiendently with Upland Clickability CMS

About the Project

One of the world’s largest reinsurers, Swiss Re, uses its website to support its brand and position itself as a thought-leader in its market. As a marketing tool the website needs to be attractive, informative and engaging to customers and other website users, but it must also help the company to meet critical regulatory requirements. Four times a year the company is required to post financials to its website per Swiss government regulations—and these quarterly reports must be posted by 7:30am at the latest on the due date without fail. Ensuring that reports were published on time was of paramount importance.

The company’s previous website was built using a solution from a multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation and was hosted internally. As a very simple site of static HTML pages, page loading was very fast and the site had nearly 100% uptime. However, the content management system itself was extremely unreliable, difficult to use and did not provide the flexibility the company wanted. In addition, Swiss Re was disappointed with the vendor’s professional services team, feeling that the team didn’t have adequate experience with the product, and ultimately delivered something that was technically inferior and difficult to use. Though Swiss Re originally wanted a template-based site, the performance of the CMS implementation was so slow when using templates that this approach was abandoned, resulting in more manual work for the team. The content management application was also unreliable, causing frequent browser crashes that resulted in lost work—a considerable problem during time-sensitive quarterly financial reporting periods. With users distrustful of the system because of the ongoing reliability issues, the existing CMS had to be replaced.

“The solution was complex to upgrade and not as user-friendly and reliable as we wanted it to be,” says Wolfgang Jastrowski, Head IT Legal, Communications & Group Strategy at Swiss Re.

The company set out to find a Web Content Management solution with solid performance and robust functionality, as well as an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. They wanted to take ownership of the publishing process and improve the speed and accuracy of content updates, while simultaneously updating the look and feel to reflect a new brand identity. The company wanted a website that would help it differentiate itself in the market.

“Clickability is not just a hosted application. Because the same company develops the product, as well as hosting and maintaining it, you get a very high quality product that is constantly evolving and improving.” – Wolfgang Jastrowski, Head of Unite Collaboration and Communication, Swiss Re


While researching options, Swiss Re quickly concluded that a SaaS solution would best suit their needs, allowing the company to go live quickly and provide the partnership and support the company needed to implement and maintain the solution. Swiss Re ultimately chose Clickability because of the high caliber of the Clickability team, its SaaS delivery model, advanced feature set, SLAs of 99.9% uptime, agile feature development and robust template-based content management application.

“Clickability met all of our technical and service requirements,” says Jastrowski. “And with the expertise the Professional Services team brought to the table to guide us through the implementation, we achieved real, tangible results very quickly—and a site that meets our needs.”

The intuitive user interface allows the 25-30 content publishers at Swiss Re to publish content easily, and the product stability gives them confidence, knowing they won’t lose their work. The system also allows Swiss Re to reduce the number of IT personnel needed to maintain the website, enabling them to focus on more strategic IT projects, rather than wrestling with a cumbersome web infrastructure. Clickability largely met Swiss Re’s requirements out of the box, and any configuration that the company needed to meet specific needs was accomplished easily.

Swiss Re now prepares and schedules their quarterly financial statements for publication with confidence, knowing they will be published reliably, at the moment they need to go live. “Because Clickability allows us to publish content when we need to, whether immediately or according to a pre-set schedule,” notes Jastrowski, “we now easily publish our financials on time and without the technical hurdles”.

About Swiss Re

Founded in 1863 in Zurich, Switzerland, Swiss Re is one of the world’s largest and most diversified reinsurers. The company offers a reinsurance portfolio for Property & Casualty and Life & Health as well as insurance-based corporate finance solutions and services for comprehensive risk management. The company operates in more than 20 countries.


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