Is Your Mobile Marketing Really An Integrated Function?

Learn the Importance of an Integrated Mobile Strategy for Your Web Content

Over the last two years, Mobile has rapidly progressed from bleeding edge to early adoption, to mainstream to ubiquity. But companies are still struggling to integrate the mobile channel into the core marketing function.

Now, like never before, mobile needs to be integrated into your core marketing strategy as part of a holistic approach to the customer experience.

Read this free eBook and discover:

  • Why an integrated mobile strategy can be a strong driver of digital success
  • What does mobile integration mean today?
  • How your organization’s integration stacks up against our benchmark?


  • Are your campaigns efficient across channels?
  • Can you seamlessly deliver content and a unified customer experience across web, mobile web, social and native apps?
  • Is your buyer’s journey seamless across devices and iterative with the new shopping lifecycle?

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