Consumption and Demand Management

ComSci assists IT organizations in attaining cost control and transparency.

Our offering delivers an in-depth understanding of the costs involved in delivering services to business units. It fosters an environment where the business unit managers become partners with IT, ensuring IT services are more effectively and efficiently consumed.

Enables All Managers to Reduce IT Costs by Managing Demand

ComSci motivates customers to think in terms of economics. Armed with information, managers can understand their IT consumption and can make informed decisions regarding IT expenses.

Better Data Means Better Decisions

By utilizing Bill of IT with Line Item details, business unit managers gain the information needed to make data-driven decisions. This information enables the business to forecast IT requirements more accurately, track and manage usage and make more thoughtful choices.

Key Attributes

  • Provides business managers with insights into their consumption of IT resources
  • Strengthens partnership between business and IT executives
  • Delivers cost and consumption information around the solutions IT delivers to the business
  • Moves relationship between IT and business from “You cost too much” to “How can IT help me grow my business?”
  • Configurable dashboards so each user can design the information best suited for them

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