Holistic Application Management

Maximize value and reduce costs by understanding the true cost of your applications.

Personalized holistic application portfolio management dashboards within ComSci’s cloud-based enterprise application enable repeatable, sustainable analysis for application rationalization based on age, criticality, performance, and cost components. Your organization is now empowered to understand the true cost of applications, which maximizes value and ultimately reduces costs.

We understand that organizations often reach a point where they have an uncontrollable portfolio of applications due to unforeseen changes in the business strategy or due to mergers and acquisitions activity. This lack of clarity and clutter built up from a complicated portfolio of applications shifts key IT resources from strategic and innovative initiatives to this short-term issue. Holistic application management is needed to replace, remove, upgrade or consolidate these applications.

Through holistic application management, your organization will be able to:

  • Review the current state, level of criticality, and overall performance of the application portfolio to determine if it meets your organization’s priorities
  • Identify key business initiatives that may require portfolio and operation changes within your organization
  • Establish key stakeholders and requirements to ensure consistent and accessible applications across your organization
  • Enable legacy applications within your organization to be ready to handle emerging technologies

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