Plan, Budget, and Forecast for IT with Confidence

To accurately budget and forecast, and ensure complete transparency with internal clients, you need to be able to precisely track the internal provision of services. Without the right tools and resources, that isn’t easy. ComSci’s fully managed service expedites reaching your goals and helps you foster a culture of cost consciousness.

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Accurate Tracking of Every Detail

Our platform automatically aggregates your disparate data into a single system of record, so you can see every detail of the costs, consumption, and recovery of services provided to other business units.

The Skills You Need to Analyze

Our experts apply your business rules to analyze your cost information and equipment volume and report on how your business is running. Whatever the shared services or the size of your company, we can start working right away to help you meet your goals.

Detailed Reports Facilitate Communication

Our platform’s dashboard provides visibility into your detailed information and enables you to drill down for answers to your specific questions. Reports are easily created to communicate cost attribution more efficiently and accurately.


See how ComSci enables true transparency

Our ITFM Solution provides the increased IT Transparency needed to understand and shape demand, ensuring a positive ROI for all IT investments.

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White Paper: The Real Value of IT Cost Transparency