The ComSci Platform

Run your technology organization like a business.

IT Executives Face a Multitude of Daily Challenges

Business demands continue to rise as well as the pressure to keep costs down and achieve an acceptable ROI on technology investments. If you don’t have insight into the cost of IT and telecom services and into the effects of business consumption on your budget, then you’ll be relegated to reacting to requests in a tactical manner. Taking a more strategic approach is crucial to drive value.

How ComSci Can Help

The ComSci solution helps organizations manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of the services they deliver to the enterprise. By bringing performance and financial management practices to shared services organizations like IT, ComSci drives business alignment and transparency into technology spend. Business and IT are brought into a fully collaborative planning and budgeting process that drives efficiency, promotes innovation, and helps ensure a positive ROI for IT and telecom investments.

Shift your focus from the tactical, “Why is our technology so expensive?” to the strategic, “What technology do we need over the next 12 to 24 months to maintain our competitive edge?”

Bill of IT

Comprehensive Bill of IT services align to each organization’s consumers – giving you more actionable data and ensuring your costs are aligned with your organization’s profitability objectives.

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Visual Modeling

Flexible, easy-to-use and configurable modeling capabilities provide insights into all IT costs – ensuring unit cost is now a metric driving critical business decisions and providing IT consumers with a transactional measure of value.

Consumption and Demand Management

ComSci’s consumer demand planner personalizes an organization’s ability to budget and forecast future IT needs – making your investment planning practice more foreseeable, collaborative and proactive.

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Holistic Application Management

Our application portfolio management dashboards enable repeatable, sustainable analysis for application rationalization based on age, criticality, performance and cost components – enabling you to understand the true cost of your applications holistically, maximizing value and ultimately reducing costs.

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