New Release of Uplands IT Financial Management Application Improves Cost Modeling and Optimization

AUSTIN, Texas (November 21, 2014) – Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD), a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management applications, today announced that new enhancements to its ComSci IT Financial Management (ITFM) application are now available. This latest release of ComSci is designed to help IT organizations better manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of the services they deliver to the enterprise. Already an industry-leading ITFM application, the ComSci feature enhancements enable customers to take a more predictive and prescriptive approach to improving business performance.

ComSci’s new and enhanced capabilities include:

Service Cost Modeling
Reciprocal and Proportional Cost Allocation Methodology: provides additional automated allocation methodologies so customers can show costs allocated both “to and from” departments. It uses simultaneous equations to reallocate support department costs to each other and at the same time to operational departments.

Display Mode Option: allows users to view a higher level cost pool diagram or show the incoming allocation costs of higher level cost pool that roll up to the IT spend. This enhances the user experience and provides greater understanding of the overall modeling framework.

Multi-Currency Options
Currency System Preferences: enables global customers to select the most applicable currency options for their organization. Customers are able to input any currency into the system and then convert to any other currency needed for reporting purposes.

Service Catalog
Catalog Development: serves as a product information guide that acts as a digital registry and a means for users to learn about the service alternatives. This enables users in one part of the world to find and utilize the same services that users in other parts of the world use, eliminating the need to develop and support local services.

About Upland Software
Upland (Nasdaq: UPLD) is a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software.  Our family of applications connects people through technology, automates the flow of work and brings visibility to all aspects of the organization. With more than 1,200 enterprise customers around the globe, and over 200,000 users, Upland helps teams in IT, marketing, finance, professional services and process excellence run their operations smoothly, adapt to change quickly and achieve better results every day. To learn more, visit

About ComSci
Upland’s ComSci is a cloud-based IT Financial Management (ITFM) application that helps organizations manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of the services they deliver to the enterprise. By bringing performance and financial management practices to shared services organizations like IT, ComSci drives business alignment, enables IT transparency and promotes innovation. For more information, visit

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