Eclipse PPM v6.1 Release Overview

Project Templates

Get your projects started faster and more effectively!

  • Reduce manual steps and standardize the configuration for your projects across the portfolio, department, or group
  • Pre-define as much data as you wish from the entire Eclipse data set – profile information, resources, evaluation and alignment, financial plans, work plans, documents, and more
  • Apply consistent security and access control
  • Accelerate project intake by leveraging Project Requests

Project Dashboards

Monitor the health and status of your project from one place!

  • Customizable layout and highly configurable data panels
  • Advanced charting featuring drill-down functionality for deeper analysis
  • Summary panels act as jump-in point for project investigation

Early Adopter Enhancements – Searches And Dashboards

The Early Adopters gave us some great feedback to help make our searches and dashboards better than ever!

  • Skip the dashboard landing page by setting your preferred dashboard
  • More data points available on all objects – risk and issue fields, resource information, task data, resource plan data, custom project properties and resource roles
  • Leverage Eclipse data in other places by exporting charts and data tables in a variety of formats

Timesheet Enhancements

Usability improvements to the Timesheet Panel and Timesheet Tool.

  • Reworked timesheet panel allows better view of your assignments
  • Make your time entries even fast using the “Enter-to-save” feature
  • Take advantage of the “Auto-Load” preference added to the Timesheet Tool


Extract and analyze your entire portfolio using powerful reporting tools!

  • Attractive PDF reports covering all Eclipse data points including Projects, Risks, Issues, and Resources
  • Extract data into Microsoft Excel for further manipulation and pivoting
  • Create your own “Custom Report Templates” using a markup language that can read data directly from Eclipse