Eclipse PPM for Healthcare IT

Eclipse Project Portfolio Management for Healthcare IT

The #1 Project Portfolio Management Solution for Healthcare IT

Rapid digital transformation is driving fundamental change in all aspects of healthcare, an industry that is inherently driven by patient care, not technical innovation. IT projects in this setting present many challenges to those tasked with delivering on-time and on-budget.

Whether dealing with people and financial resources that are stretched to the limit; clinical staff that has little to no project management experience; or simply the technical complexity of integrating specialized applications and systems into a sophisticated technology landscape, the IT PMO must nonetheless manage the influx of projects, balanced against overall budgets, business priorities and resources.

Centralized Visibility Into All Projects

Eclipse PPM offers a single source view into all work projects, providing up-to-date status on delivery, resources and budgets. Captured and organized in the way you need, by department, project type, etc., information is easily accessible and summarized in ways that are meaningful to your stakeholders, encouraging engagement and facilitating transparent discussion.

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Accurate Resource and Time Tracking

With such a complex project delivery environment, the ability to manage project staffing and track actual time and expense data, is paramount.  Eclipse PPM provides the means to efficiently capture which team member is assigned to which project, how much of their time is allocated, and track expenses on any project. Up-to-date staffing information makes it easier to optimize resources and delivery for all projects. Accurate expense tracking enables realistic budget tracking and means you can confidently manage departmental chargebacks.

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Better Project Management

Eclipse PPM robust project management enables you to capture a snapshot of project actuals including project overview, schedules, financials, risks and issues. With a complete picture on the delivery status, you’re able to easily engage with all your stakeholders, whether business leaders or clinicians to provide meaningful, accurate updates at any stage of the project delivery.

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Fast-to-Learn, Easy-to-Use

Your stakeholders aren’t experts in project management and project delivery, and they shouldn’t be. To be useful to them, they need a solution that is intuitive to use. Eclipse PPM provides a clean, straightforward way of working and requires minimal training. Easier adoption ensures greater data accuracy, so you are easily able to get a complete picture of project delivery status across all of your projects.

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