Better Project Planning and Execution for Public Sector Agencies

True project management is typically an underutilized function in the public sector, yet the need for leadership is critical to public agencies in how they deliver IT or capital expense projects. Increasing demands for more value out of taxpayer dollars coupled with austerity measures, put public sector organizations in the position to find new ways to deliver projects efficiently, and within budget. Adapting private sector methodologies to public sector programs can have a significant impact to delivering successful project outcomes within the time and financial constraints.

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Centralized Portfolio Management

Eclipse PPM helps public sector agencies establish scope, define objectives, and outcomes for a wide range of IT or PMO-level projects. It provides a centralized framework for managing all projects and delivers effective accountability in the planning, monitoring, and reporting of project activities.

Collaboration and Communication Simplified

Eclipse PPM offers an easy-to-use, flexible environment to keep everyone on the same page. Capture and share messages, add documents and files, keep track of action plans, and easily communicate around project status and tasks in one centralized location.

360° Visibility and Transparency

Eclipse PPM provides oversight into all active and planned projects. Quickly access up-to-date information on resource availability and utilization, project status and financial tracking. Monitor performance, easily share information across the organization and deliver complete transparency into project status, to all stakeholders.


View Our Customer Success Story and Learn How You Can Reach PPM Success

See how Northeast Wisconsin Technical College overcame their project management challenges surrounding resource capacity planning and project reporting with Eclipse PPM.

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