Project Portfolio Management Features Overview

Portfolio Management

Executive Managers (CEO, CIO, COO, CFO) and Portfolio Managers may be looking at different metrics, but they all need the same thing: real-time portfolio, project, and resource information at their fingertips. Eclipse includes over 25 powerful reports that allow executives, sponsors, and project managers to quickly and easily produce valuable project, resource, financial, and portfolio information.

How We Deliver Better Business Results:

  • Real-time portfolio, project, and resource information at your fingertips
  • All project and portfolio information in one place
  • Better align projects with corporate objectives
  • Evaluate project and portfolio performance at anytime
  • Determine your capacity to take on more work

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Project Management

Eclipse was designed to accommodate and improve your organization’s entire project lifecycle. Projects are entered into Eclipse at the idea or request stage. Even the business case for the project can be built in Eclipse, evaluated, recommended, and then delivered. Projects can also be closed and rated upon completion. This intuitive project management interface is scalable, making it easy to plan and manage simple to complex projects.

Manage the entire project in Eclipse:

  • Project overview
  • Schedules
  • Financials
  • Risks, issues, and documents

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Resource Management

Resource Managers need to understand who is working on what, who can take on more work and when. Without a clear picture of resource loading against projects and operational work, you get bottlenecks, burnt out resources leading to high turnover, late projects, and low quality work. Eclipse provides managers with an outline and summary of resources available, planned utilization, capacity variance, and actual time entered. This information can be displayed for a set of resources across a specified time frame or for certain projects broken down by resource.

Eclipse PPM answers your questions:

  • What are my resources working on?
  • Where are my bottlenecks?
  • When can we take on more work?

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