Case Study

AGF Management

Using Project Portfolio Management Software To Achieve Real Results

Case Study

Katarina Savic AGF Management Ltd., Vice President, Solutions Delivery and Retail Operations

Company Overview

Founded in 1957, AGF Management Limited is a premier Canadian-based investment management firm serving institutions and individuals around the globe.

The Initial Drivers that Lead to a PPM Overhaul

For Katarina who had come to AGF from a work place already using a PPM tool, there was no doubt in her mind that a PPM tool was needed to address a number of key challenges. Although AGF had a license to her PPM tool of choice, Eclipse PPM, it wasn’t being used as a central depository for projects and as a result, the company needed to re-address how they were using the tool in order to overcome their key PPM challenges.

These challenges were:

  • Inconsistency of data,
  • Multiple versions of a database being used,
  • Having to re-do spreadsheets for management, and
  • Not knowing who was working on what

As a result of these challenges, the Project Management Office was much less organized and quite disjointed.

Results of the PPM Initiative

AGF’s primary objective of this initiative was to develop a system for all project information to be created, managed and reviewed in the one place.

After re-implementing Eclipse PPM to do more than just time tracking, AGF Management now have a central repository of all project information, accurate start and end dates, customized information for different parties and although they still do manual status reports, they have been able achieve stream-lined reporting. Additionally, AGF has expanded time tracking across the operations department.

Overall, this has all allowed for their PPM processes to be much more streamlined, efficient and clear.

Additional Business Benefits Achieved with a PPM Tool

Since re-deploying Eclipse PPM in a greater capacity, AGF now have a cleaner source of information, making discussions easier, allowing for better prioritization of projects and better alignment of resources with projects.

Benefits of a PPM Tool for Key Stakeholders

The key project stakeholders at AGF have seen a number of benefits resulting from their use of Eclipse PPM. For Katarina, head of the company is PMO, it has largely been the enhanced reporting capabilities, which have allowed for better decision making that has greatly benefited her in successfully performing her role. The project managers now have one place to do all project updates, which has improved their efficiency and reduced time spent on administrative tasks and the company is executives now have better reporting information, which also allows for better decision making and means they can access this information whenever they need it.

Key Attributes to Achieving these Benefits

Whilst the tool has been an incremental part of achieving these results, it has been through applying better processes and more consistently, having senior leadership support, along with the tool that has made AGF’s PPM initiative so successful.


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