Email Marketing for Entertainment

Entertain Your Customers with Upland Email Marketing

Upland Email Marketing’s solutions entertain and engage your audience at every step of the relationship. Grow your marketing list with custom email capture widgets that maximize conversions without impacting the user experience. Engage your audience with dynamic content and personalized email. Increase conversions by targeting your list with the content and promotions they want.


Increase conversions with triggered messaging, re-engagement programs, and abandoned-cart emails.


Deliver the most relevant deals with segmentation, dynamic content, and data-driven email campaigns.


Maximize the success of your email campaigns with flexible A/B testing and powerful reporting.

Learn how Upland Email Marketing for Entertainment can deliver for you.

Audience Growth

Upland’s email capture widgets grow your direct marketing audience more effectively.

  • Capture audience interest and convert them into new email subscribers
  • Deploy contextual capture widgets that align with current page content
  • Optimize capture widgets to appear when they’re most likely to convert

Audience Engagement

Upland Email Marketing keeps your audience engaged with the latest content.

  • Deliver newsletters, breaking news, and other messaging directly to your audience
  • Target subscribers with content aligned with their interests
  • Track engagement with powerful reporting and analytics

Event Marketing

Targeted email marketing conveys key event information directly to your audience.

  • Send targeted event announcements based on subscriber location or interests
  • Automate reminder emails to minimize no-shows and keep attendees in the know
  • Alert previous attendees automatically when a recurring event happens again

Exclusive Offers

Deliver the most relevant deals directly to your engaged audience.

  • Target your VIP audience with email segmentation
  • Send promotions to customers based on previous behavior
  • Drive conversions with beautifully designed, mobile-responsive emails

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