Enterprise Email Marketing Tools

Get the email engagement tools you need to create the experiences your customers want. Upland Email Marketing provides you with a robust feature set that makes it easy for you to build, deploy, optimize, and report on your email campaigns.

Email Creation

User-friendly tools enable effortless email assembly.

  • Build emails quickly with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Save time and eliminate HTML errors
  • Drag and drop articles into your newsletters directly from your CMS


Get more email to the inbox.

  • Catch inbox placement issues before you send with seed testing
  • Reputation management maximizes inbox placement
  • Take full control of your sender reputation with dedicated IP addresses

Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting tools give you actionable data at a glance.

  • Clear data visualization allows you to act on your data
  • Use geotracking, device reporting, and heatmaps to optimize your marketing campaigns
  • Powerful custom reporting gives you the data you need at a glance

Targeting & Segmentation

Deliver relevant messaging when it matters most.

  • Drive deeper engagement by using dynamic content in your emails
  • Target subscribers by onsite behavior or content consumption history
  • Create actionable audience segments using your first-party data

Audience Development

Grow your audience without impacting onsite KPIs.

  • Flexible capture forms maximize email list growth and first-party data collection
  • Deploy mobile-optimized capture widgets, sliders, and lightboxes
  • Establish and reconcile audience identity without complicating your tech stack

App & Browser Push

Deepen audience engagement by going beyond the inbox.

  • Engage your mobile and desktop audience with instant notifications
  • Grow your push audience with high-performing onsite CTAs
  • Target your push audience with alerts tailored to onsite behavior


Engage your audience more efficiently and effectively.

  • Create triggered campaigns, newsletters, and lifecycle marketing programs
  • Visualize your automated campaigns at a glance
  • Use API integrations with WordPress, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more to automate your email program

Campaign Management

Create, deploy, and optimize multichannel campaigns.

  • Stay organized with a campaign launch calendar
  • Effortlessly coordinate email marketing and cross-channel campaigns using the drip planner and campaign launch calendars

Email Optimization

Send your best email, every time.

  • Render testing ensures your message looks great across devices and email clients
  • Maximize engagement with Subject Line Optimization
  • Conduct A/B and multivariate testing to send the best version of every email

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