Enterprise-Grade Email Marketing Solutions

Upland Email Marketing empowers brands to deliver outstanding customer experiences through email. Our enterprise email marketing solutions help you create, deploy, optimize, and report on your campaigns with ease, allowing you to build lasting relationships with your audience. Whether you need a way to deliver daily newsletters or create complex marketing campaigns, Upland has the email engagement solutions to help you drive positive business outcomes with email.

Email Newsletters

Whether your business creates content or your business is content, keeping your email subscribers in the know is a key part of the customer relationship. Upland Email Marketing makes it easy to deploy newsletters that keep your audience coming back to your site. Create a single recurring newsletter, or let your audience self-personalize their email experience by offering an array of newsletter products.

  • Flexible automation toolkit to fit your newsletter workflow
  • Integrations with your CMS for easy newsletter assembly
  • Dynamic content for newsletter personalization

Automated Programs

When marketing resources are scarce, automation enables you to maximize both the efficiency and the efficacy of your email program. With Upland Email Marketing’s powerful automation features, you can deploy automated messaging that engages your list at the moment they’re most likely to convert. Create automated programs that onboard new subscribers, re-engage old ones, or drive deeper engagement with your current customers.

  • Behavioral-triggered messaging
  • Personalization features provide a human touch
  • Seamless integrations enable automatic newsletter assembly

Targeted Campaigns

Email gives you a direct line of communication with your audience. Upland Email Marketing helps you make the most of this channel with powerful campaign management tools. Easily create and deploy targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns with an intuitive campaign builder, then optimize your campaigns with clear reporting, flexible A/B testing, and render previews.

  • Multichannel messaging options
  • Campaign visualizer to manage even the most complex campaigns
  • Email optimization tools, including A/B testing and render previews

Get an Email Marketing Platform That Fits Your Needs

Upland Email Marketing offers two platforms, Adestra and PostUp, to provide optimal solutions for your email program.

Upland Adestra

Email and Marketing Automation
across the Customer Journey

Focused on the customer journey, the Adestra platform makes it easy to create personalized email campaigns that deliver the most relevant messaging at every step. With powerful automation and an intuitive interface, you spend less time building emails and more time on the things that matter.

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Upland PostUp

Email and Audience Development
for Rapid Content Distribution

Built with publisher needs in mind, the PostUp platform is designed to distribute content quickly and engage your audience at scale. Create and send breaking news alerts in seconds, or use the flexible editorial workflow and seamless CMS integrations to deploy newsletters more efficiently.

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