Audience Development Lookbook

Get inspired with these examples of high-performing email capture.

Get Email Capture Inspiration with the Audience Development Lookbook

When’s the last time you visited a publisher’s site and weren’t met with an email capture form?

That’s because email works.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital communication channel. This channel is especially important for publishers because it connects them directly with their passing visitors.

While declining Facebook reach and shifting social media algorithms threaten the publisher business model, email allows publishers to drive engagement through newsletters and nurture anonymous traffic into dedicated audiences.

When email is the first step to building strong audience relationships, you can’t afford to miss out on potential email subscribers. That’s why you need a strong email capture strategy to drive more form conversions and grow your email list.

Drive more conversions with custom audience development solutions

PostUp’s audience development experts know how to create high-converting custom capture widgets. Want to see for yourself? Check out the Audience Development Lookbook to see how we’re helping publishing & media companies engage their audiences and grow their lists with:

  • Desktop sliders that convert more users by placing relevant, contextual offers directly in front of the audience;
  • Mobile sticky footers & banners that effectively capture emails on any device and use one-touch subscription to prevent typos;
  • Quizzes & polls that drive conversions and grow email lists, especially for political and entertainment publishers;
  • Lightboxes that are A/B tested to capture audience attention without getting in the way;
  • And other types of custom capture widgets optimized to the audience!

Publishers like Apartment Therapy have used custom PostUp audience development solutions to connect with their audience, grow their email lists, and drive revenue.