FileBound University

Self-Guided On-Demand Learning for the Future Workforce

Welcome to FileBound University! Within our comprehensive online education experience, FileBound customers can benefit from the convenience of self-guided, on-demand education tracks suited to their specific needs. That means that whatever your role is at your organization, our courses will give you the precise information you need to engage with FileBound and get more high-value work done more quickly, with less effort. And now you have the added convenience of being able to accomplish it all whenever it suits you best!

À la carte options ($250/course)
We’ve also created the ability to customize your FileBound University curriculum by allowing you to purchase video courses individually and add them to your education track. With all these options, it’s easier than ever to invest in yourself and your team to ensure everyone understands the power of FileBound from the ground up!

More courses to come
Throughout the year, our curriculum will continue to grow as we add additional solution-specific education courses that you can view on a one-off basis. These individual courses will focus on best practices and solution outlines based on specific business needs. We will keep you in the loop as these new courses become available.

Check out our brief intro video, then read to learn about our four Client Education Tracks. Questions? Reach out to, we’re eager to help!

Sneak Preview | FileBound University

Ready to get started? Check out our brief overview of FileBound University, then register for a class or one of four education tracks to get on the right path to becoming a FileBound master. Our new on-demand format and updated coursework are going to help you start the new decade off with a bang!

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FileBound University Educational Tracks


Power User

Welcome to our intro-level course bundle, designed for new FileBound users. This series gives users the tools they need to get started and take care of daily tasks like navigating the interface, searching for documents, adding content, and much more. If you’re an end-user looking to begin your FileBound education, this is the place to be.

Courses Included: Introduction to FileBound, Connect 101

Cost: $200 per participant

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Core Understanding

FileBound’s Core Understanding bundle introduces users to all of the basics, but also provides additional education with our admin-level courses. These courses coach users through higher-level tasks such as adding users and groups, creating projects, and configuring security settings. This educational track is ideal for anyone ready to take ownership of their FileBound system.

Courses Included: Introduction to FileBound, Connect 101, Admin 101, and Admin 102

Cost: $800 per participant

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Technical Specialist

If you’re the tech guru that everyone relies on when they need expert level know-how within FileBound, this is the bundle for you. Building upon our intro and admin-level content, this bundle feat advanced courses in FileBound’s versatile Forms and Workflow capabilities. Users will learn how to design and configure workflows to get the most out of the platform, and will also get access to our API configuration courses and additional best practices resources covering FileBound Installations.

Courses Included: Introduction to FileBound, Connect 101, Admin 101, Admin 102, Forms 101, Forms 102, Workflow 101, Workflow Design, Developer 201, Installation 201

Cost: $2000 per participant

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Business Analyst

Designed for those workers that ensure their organization is running like a well-oiled machine, this educational track gives users access to intro, admin, and Forms courses as well as more business-centric coursework covering Forms and Workflow management capabilities involving assignments, reporting, and other high-level functionality. Users will also learn best-practice applications for solution discovery and business implementation. This series is invaluable when it comes to integrating FileBound in your organizational structure!

Courses Included: Introduction to FileBound, Connect 101, Admin 101, Admin 102, Forms 101, Forms 102, Forms Management, Workflow Management, Extensibility 101, Process Management 101

Cost: $2000 per participant

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Interested in Intelligent Capture University?

At Upland, we are committed to your success. That’s why we’ve created Intelligent Capture University to correspond to our newest product release – so your staff has the tools to become skilled at harnessing all the capabilities of Upland Intelligent Capture  –  from the ground up.

As an introductory perk, we are offering access to all of our 101 coursework FREE. That way,  you and your staff can quickly work through the basics and move on to becoming Intelligent Capture subject matter experts in no time!

Learn more about Upland Intelligent Capture, and access Intelligent Capture University below.

101 | Intelligent Capture for New Users

This quick start 101-course bundle is ideal for those who are just getting introduced to Upland Intelligent Capture. From navigating the interface to working with and indexing documents, these courses provide everything you need to get started.

  • Introduction to Intelligent Capture: This course will guide users through the navigation, features, and capability of Upland Intelligent Capture.
  • Importing Documents: Automated or manual, paper or electronic, this course will demonstrate all of your options for getting your content and documents into Intelligent Capture.
  • Working with documents:  This is where we will cover the basics of document assembly, merging, and extraction, so users have a fundamental grasp of the tools needed to properly manage documents.

Cost: FREE

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102 | Intelligent Capture for Administrators

The 102 Certification bundle helps system administrators put best practices to work when configuring their instance of Upland Intelligent Capture. Administrators will receive training on ideal user setup, data definition, Intelligent Capture workflow, and advanced importing settings.

  • Data Dictionary Items: We will provide details on the different types of data dictionary items, arming administrators with critical information to define the data in their own workflows.
  • Importers: Intelligent Capture includes the ability to import documents automatically through the use of importers.  This course demonstrates the configuration and use of the mail and fax importers.
  • Roles and users: We will delve into how to define users and roles, as well as best practices for assigning roles to workflows and configuring permissions.
  • Workflow: This course is an advanced multi-section deep dive into workflow logic, from defining the use case to stencil configuration.

Cost: $250, and includes access to our 101 coursework

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