FileBound for K-12 Education | A Brighter Future for Schools with Automation

Whatever the size of your district, I’m willing to bet that your staff is a lean-yet-mighty crew with more on their to-do list than they’d like. In fact, according to a 2017 survey by the Guardian, 75% percent of teachers find their workload unmanageable. Yep, you read that right.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a simple way to improve existing processes, toss out inefficient practices, and make their work days a little more organized (and a little less hectic)? With more time, and reduced costs, could you be offering your students more robust opportunities and programs?

We have the solution. FileBound empowers educators by providing intuitive tools to help them automate tasks so they can be more productive, and less encumbered by paperwork. Here are a few schools and districts that have already found success using FileBound to streamline both central office processes and student-facing tasks:

  • Hesperia United School District, CA: Check out how Hesperia reduced the document approval process for new English Learners by 84 percent!
  • Rapid City Area Schools, SD: This school district improved invoice processing so that items that used to take weeks or more are now completed in less than two hours.
  • Marion County, FL: Read on to hear how this district’s paper records were literally crumbling their storage facility’s floor. They digitized millions of back-logged files, streamlined efforts, and are working to take student enrollments online.
  • Wisconsin School District: This busy school district streamlined their volunteer background check processes to get them through the door faster, without compromising student security.
  • Silex R-I School District, MO: See how a cloud-based document management system both secures and simplifies access to student and personnel files.
  • DeSoto County School District, MS: This school district streamlined processes by creating a new student enrollment portal online, eliminating 90% of registration paperwork in the process.
  • Centralia R-VI School District, MO: Centralia reduced time spent transcript retrieval requests from 20 minutes per file to just a few seconds, and made School Board packets easily searchable by keyword for public consumption.
  • Cache County Schools, UT: Learn how Cache County created standardized data collection so they could conquer those residency audits and retain funding.

Automation empowers educators by taking tedious, manual work off their plate so they can focus more boldly on students. They say the children are the future, so let’s build a brighter future for your district – together. Contact us to get started!

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