FileBound for K-12 Education | Automation Improves Student Services

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Team FileBound

If you talk to most educators, there’s no question — they work HARD, they are pulled in a ton of directions, and one of their biggest complaints is simply a lack of time to focus on finding new ways to help students thrive. It makes sense that school districts nationwide are automating their more tedious manual processes to meet the demands of the modern teacher’s workload.

The ultimate goal by automating these processes is to minimize faculty and staff time spent on finding documents, entering data, and getting approvals so they can focus on higher value tasks – like serving students and their families.

FileBound’s document and process automation solution helps balance the need to secure and protect sensitive student information, while also improving on processing time to approve critical documents. Using a combination of intuitive search and retrieval, workflow, and electronic forms, you can easily automate some of your most commonly used student-facing processes, including:

  • Accelerated programs,  English Learner approvals, and other specialized learning program management
  • Student cumulative records, student medical files, parent permissions
  • New enrollments, class registrations, and transcript requests
  • Disciplinary and counseling referrals, student safety and intervention policies, and more!

There’s much more to it: FileBound seamlessly integrates with existing Student Information Systems (SIS) and ERP systems – making the adoption and implementation process a snap for users (think — little to no training needed!). Let us help you get out from under the paperwork, so you can focus on helping your students thrive!

Find out more by downloading our FileBound for K-12 Education overview datasheet, or contact us for a K-12 demo to learn more!

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