The Future is Now: Adapting AP Processes to New Demands

Accounts Payable (AP) is at the core of your business, and how well the department’s processes are managed can mean the difference between success and financial disruption. In today’s fast turnaround business environment, the need for organizations to adapt to the demands of technology and increased expectations by customers applies to AP is very real – if they want to remain competitive in their respective industries, that is.

According to AIIM Research, 81 percent of businesses feel that Accounts Payable (and Accounts Receivable) is the place to start when it comes to evaluating ways to implement department-wide process changes. Three areas with great potential for assessment and improvement are:

1. The review and approvals process

2. Exception processing

3. Ways to increase visibility into payment data

We get it, change always sounds daunting at first, and when implementing department-wide changes there’s a lot to consider. But what if you had a partner ready to check off the to-dos and explore to find an ideal Accounts Payable solution to help your AP staff eliminate inefficiencies, up productivity, lower costs, and stay compliant with regulatory demands with ease?

Look no further. Find out more about what the future holds for AP by downloading AIIM’s eBook, Enhancing the Effectiveness of your AP Processes, and then contact us to get started.

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