Case Study

Audrain County PA’s Office

The Prosecutor’s Office implemented Upland’s FileBound to capture, manage and store documents that complement data in the case management system and reduce time staff spent gathering and redacting documents.

“Our staff really likes how easy the FileBound solution is to use. We know immediately if the redactions we need are there or not. And features like drop-downs also make it easy for them to work with.” —  Audrain County

Faced with a fixed budget and increasing overhead costs, Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office recognized that manual, paper-based processes were limiting the efficiency needed to manage all of their responsibilities to citizens. Victim and witness personal data privacy concerns also required an increased focus on reviewing all documents to redact personally identifiable information. In addition, the office was running out of room to store the documents associated with thousands of cases per year.

Benefits of FileBound for this legal practice:

  • Reduced or eliminated staff time previously spent on tedious tasks such as downloading reports and manual redaction
  • Increased immediate accessibility to documents, improving overall productivity
  • Solved previous document storage shortage and supports the implementation of destruction and retention policies, while saving associated costs for managing paper-based files and supporting
  • Ensured the confidentiality of sensitive data in police reports and discovery documents to protect victims and juveniles

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