Case Study

Eklind Tool Company

“Time saved is money saved. With FileBound, our employees no longer need to ask our AP person to locate and pull an invoice from file cabinets. The ability to search by PO, invoice, vendor, or amount and have the invoice image immediately available saves time for both AP and the person requiring the invoice copy.”
— Doug Cunningham, VP of Finance, Eklind Tool

Eklind Tool integrated Upland Software’s cloud-based workflow automation and document management solution, FileBound, with their Accounts Payable system, boosting efficiency and eliminating the paper trail.

Benefits of FileBound for Accounts Payable processes:

  • Automation greatly decreased the time needed for invoice approvals, invoice tracking, data entry, and extraction, saving approximately 12 hours/week for each employee.
  • AP saw a 50 percent reduction in invoice processing time and eliminated paper trail problems like bottlenecks, errors, inefficiencies, and lost invoices.
  • Nearly 90 percent of invoices are templated in FileBound Capture, streamlining intake, and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Copies of POs, invoices, and checks are securely stored and easily retrievable for employees, managers, and outside consultants.
  • Costs regarding physical print and copy materials, filing cabinets, and paper storage have been nearly eliminated.

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