Case Study

Laclede Mutual Insurance

Laclede converted its vault full of policy documents to electronic images that employees access to get their work done using FileBound’s cloud-native document and workflow automation solution.

“The primary goal was to be prepared in the event of a catastrophe. But we also recognized the potential to streamline our procedures to be more efficient.”
— Laclede Mutual Insurance

The board of directors at Laclede recognized the need to safeguard its critical policy documents against disasters to ensure it can provide service to policyholders and independent agents. They knew that to ensure disaster recovery capabilities, they needed to eliminate paper-based processes would support business continuity and increase efficiency, allowing the insurer to improve service and reduce costs. With limited IT resources, company leaders knew they would need a product that didn’t require a lot of administrative overhead.

Benefits of FileBound for this insurer:

  • Even if the Laclede office was inaccessible, policy documents are securely available to authorized users via the web, ensuring that policyholder service is not affected
  • Cloud-based software allows them to focus resources on serving policy holders and agents by eliminating the need to manage, back up, replicate, and otherwise secure documents
  • Because the cloud subscription service includes administration of the software and infrastructure, Laclede was able to get the benefits of the software without having to hire an IT resource

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