Case Study

Pearl Motor Company

Instead of maintaining paper-based files, Pearl Motor Company worked with Missouri-based FileBound solution partner IMS to begin converting active records to electronic documents stored in Upland’s FileBound secure cloud software.

“The efficiency and ease are the biggest benefits of FileBound. I can’t put a dollar amount on it, but it frees space, frees time, and improves customer service.”
— Pearl Automotive Company

For any customer support team, top-level service begins with having secure access to customer information and data at a moment’s notice. Paper-based records and files slow down the process — if they can be found at all — and puts the security of the contents at risk. This was the challenge that Pearl Motor Company faced when trying to provide strong customer service and protect sensitive customer data. When Pearl Motor Company moved to a new location after almost 100 years in business, owner George Huffman decided to eliminate the inefficiency and space devoted to paper files by implementing Upland Software’s FileBound solution to manage documents.

Benefits of FileBound for this regional car dealership:

  • Immediate access to all customer records and data empowers staff to deliver a high level of customer service
  • FileBound’s secure cloud ensures that personal information, such as credit data, is always protected
  • Elimination of paper-based records allows Pearl Motor Company to make better use of space by expanding business operations
  • Cloud-based software provides business continuity and disaster recovery of important customer records

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