Case Study

RDO Equipment Co.

“We achieved everything we were looking for with FileBound. We got rid of paper and made the documents available to everyone in the field. The workflow aspects of our solution have worked well, and historically we haven’t had to spend a lot of time on FileBound administration. It’s just been working for all of these years.”
— David Green, IT Director, RDO Equipment Co

Through a decade of impressive growth, RDO Equipment Co. has been able to hold the line on accounts payable costs while providing a high level of service across nine states using FileBound. Committed to providing superior
service to all of its internal customers across more than 60 locations, RDO Equipment Co. realized that manual, paper-based processes couldn’t meet the efficiency needs of a geographically dispersed enterprise. The accounts payable team struggled to keep up with the volume of documents that had to be distributed to various locations and were sometimes lost or delayed.

Benefits of FileBound for this multi-office distributor:

  • Increased efficiency, as the company’s AP department can now manage the influx of new invoices with only a minimal increase in staff
  • Productivity boost, as workflow capabilities allow hundreds of people across locations in nine states to efficiently participate in the invoice approval process to avoid late or lost payments
  • Accessibility increase, as documents are noweasily available to those who need them while protecting them from unauthorized access

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