FileBound for Records Management

FileBound tackles records management by creating an end-to-end automated process that assembles information for secure access from one centralized interface.

Build it, customize it, and work faster. FileBound’s document and workflow automation software helps organizations keep track of the whole document lifecycle—from onboarding new hires to managing contracts to flawlessly maintaining records to support compliance or legal claims—all from one centralized dashboard.

Manage documents with a smile on your face.

  • Easily locate records, create rules for routing and retention, and secure them with permissioned administrator rights
  • Access systemwide information about content, users, projects, and activities from one dashboard
  • Schedule automated alerts to approve destruction of records and avoid potential liability

Always be ready for that next compliance audit.

  • Create retention rules and workflows to check all the boxes
  • Ensure requirements are met and provide proof that all policies and procedures were followed
  • Access a full audit trail and reporting on all records and associated actions to demonstrate compliance

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