The Next Wave: Moving from ECM to Intelligent Information Management

Want to stay informed about all the industry-defining changes going on in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? Wondering what Gartner really meant when they said, “ECM is now dead (kaput, finite, an ex-market name)”?  We worked with AIIM to create a new eBook defining the future direction of the industry.

Retiring the term “ECM” doesn’t mean the need for ECM capabilities goes away, nor does it mean that everyone should run out and rip out all of those mission-critical ECM systems. But it does mean that ECM is an insufficient term to describe all of the “content-y” things people are doing, their general approach, and all the different flavors of content solutions that exist to solve very different problems.

What organizations are doing (or what they SHOULD be doing) with content has outgrown the traditional definitions. We’re at the start of a new era, one of Intelligent Information Management.

Get our take on where things are headed in AIIM’s eBook, “THE NEXT WAVE: Moving from ECM to Intelligent Information Management.”

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