Success Story

Silex R-I School District

Silex R-I School District implemented a cloud-based content management solution and converted cabinets full of documents to electronic files stored in the FileBound Cloud. Staff now has instant access to the documents they need with virtually no training.

“As soon as we saw FileBound, we knew it was what we’d been looking for, and the cloud option made sense for us. It’s really cost-effective even for a small school like ours.”
— Amy Gronek, Bookkeeper, Silex R-II School District

Running out of space to save decades of documents, Silex R-I School District needed an electronic document management solution to make it easier for administrators and staff to get the information they need. The increased efficiency of a paperless system would also reduce the amount of time spent responding to document requests. With assistance from FileBound solution provider IMS, Silex converted cabinets full of documents to electronic files stored in the FileBound Cloud.

Benefits of FileBound for K-12 district management:

  • Having documents available immediately and being able to email them directly from FileBound lets Silex’s modest staff fulfill document requests faster. Request backlogs have been eliminated.
  • Scanning cabinets of documents and storing them in the FileBound Cloud eliminated Silex’s costs and inefficiencies associated with filing and re-filing documents. Instead of a storage shortage, Silex has reclaimed an additional room that can be put to a better use.
  • Easy-to-use software required virtually no training, allowing employees to begin using and seeing the benefits of the solution sooner without creating additional IT administration.

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