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Regulations are the New Normal for Data Privacy

Data breaches, personal privacy information, facial recognition technology, location tracking, consent forms, GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Regulation — just one early morning news scan is enough to tell you that data privacy is on the mind of the public. As it should be.

In recent years, we’ve seen record-breaking data breaches and fines many times over. In the first 18 months after GDPR went into effect, over 200,000 violations were reported in 31 countries (British Airways was fined $228 million). Google has been continually challenged with scrutiny and fines for privacy violations. We’ve questioned Facebook’s ethics regarding their data sharing practices (think Cambridge Analytica). Marriott’s massive 2018 data breach exposed PII for up to 383 million people. In 2017, Equifax exposed 147 million Americans with their disastrous breach. The numbers are stacking up.

What can you do to ensure your company is compliant? Check out this eBook by Rochelle Delley, Upland’s Vice President of Security and Compliance.

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