Partner Demo System

Thanks for your interest in InGenius!

Upland InGenius provides a demo environment for employees of Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and approved partners to demonstrate the value of InGenius to customers. The demo system allows you to showcase the capabilities of InGenius within your own CRM instance, without having to connect your phone system. All you need is a browser and a phone to dial in on. You can demonstrate inbound and outbound calls with functionality like click-to-dial, screen pop based on caller ID or IVR-entered data, and change of agent status. Since the demo system works in your own CRM, it’s easy to customize a demo for your customer’s needs and your company’s objectives.


How It Works

After you submit the demo system sign-up form, a member of the InGenius team will review your information to verify your eligibility as an InGenius partner. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to a small package to install, corresponding to the CRM you’re using. You will have access to the InGenius demo server, and you will be given a temporary phone number to use with the demo system. The demo system is designed to work with any operating system and any browser, and uses North American phone numbers.



Access to the system is restricted to employees of Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and approved partners. If you’d like access to the system, fill out this form and a member of the InGenius team will get in touch to validate your account and answer your questions.


Demo Support

If you need assistance with the InGenius demo system, or if you have any questions on features and functionality, please contact us at or 613-591-9002 x3000, and we’d be happy to help.