What is Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI?

Connect your existing phone system with your CRM

Computer telephony integration, or CTI, is a technology that connects business phones to computers and allows them to interact. By integrating your existing phone system with your CRM, CTI makes calls more efficient and effective. Contact center agents and high-velocity sales representatives get critical CRM insights instantly as new calls come in and are able to answer calls, place calls, transfer calls and log call notes all from within the CRM interface. Your leadership team gets advanced analytics and are able to monitor and report on live contact center KPIs including call counts, agent talk time, and call results as well as insights into call drivers and trends.

Drive more successful service and sales with one simple integration that supports unique and complex contact center workflows.


Increase agent productivity using CTI


Without CTI, agents spend 6% of their call handle time bringing up a customer’s information, 10% flicking through screens, and another 10-15% on the post-call wrap-up. That’s 30% of each call that could be time better spent. Whether your team works in sales, at a helpdesk, or a service desk CTI brings information together and makes it easier for agents to complete these tasks so they can spend less time on processes.


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Benefits of 5-star rated CTI from Upland InGenius

  • Secure and reliable infrastructure including data redundancy, 24/7 uptime, and High Availability
  • Features like automatic screen pops, workflow integrations, customizable call log templates, one-click outbound dialing, and screen transfers for a warm handoff between agents – all within your CRM user interface
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to help you measure agent performance, report on call center KPIs, identify trends in customer call topics, and increase the value of your contact center

Track Smarter

CTI gives you a detailed, accurate view of customer call interactions for intelligent analysis and decision-making. With consistent call logging and enhanced call reports, there’s visibility into all customer touchpoints and agent efforts.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With CTI, agents are equipped with all the information they need to better handle calls. Features like preview dialer and screen pop put caller details and history in front of the agent, while CRM screen transfer means callers won’t need to repeat themselves.

Reduce Costs

Time is money. With CTI, your employees can reduce their average call handle time while maintaining customer satisfaction ratings. CTI also makes it easier for agents to do their job, easing frustrations and reducing turnover.

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