About InGenius

CTI Innovation

As a computer telephony integration (CTI) innovator, Upland InGenius connects existing telephone systems into leading CRMs with maximum flexibility, for world-class customer experiences and increased agent productivity.

InGenius Software Inc., was founded in 1996 as a real-time software development and contract R&D provider. The business evolved over the next 15 years, offering various software-related services and building products for streaming video, dynamic HTML, unified communications, mobile applications, softphones, and other telephony applications. During these years, customer software development projects in the telephony space led the team to the realization that there was significant demand for the capability to connect phones directly into the CRM. Customers wanted a product that didn’t require desktop software and was scalable to the enterprise.

In 2011, InGenius Software moved to an exclusive focus on CTI to address this need. The following year, InGenius Connector Enterprise was officially launched and it continues to be the flagship product today. InGenius Software was acquired by Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) in October 2019, and became Upland InGenius.

Over the past two decades, InGenius has successfully delivered key telephony-related products and mission-critical systems to Fortune 500 companies, providing them with a tailored set of technology, systems, and expertise. Enterprise customers trust InGenius to deliver business value to each of their unique environments.

InGenius Core Values

The team at InGenius has remained committed to a set of 7 core values from the very beginning of the company through to the present.

  • Brains with a Mission

    We combine our strengths in software and telephony to deliver high-quality products that make our customers successful and happy.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We stay at the forefront of technology developments and apply them in creative ways to develop world-leading products.

  • Open and Honest Communications

    We fashion every aspect of our work life with the common threads of equality, ethics, and mutual respect for our employees, customers, and partners.

  • Reaching for Success

    We strive to offer the best solutions, sales, and service in the world, and to win customers’ confidence and business because of it.

  • Company Accountability

    We manage responsibly with the company’s long-term success in mind.

  • Teamwork

    We collaborate across teams to ensure we achieve our corporate goals.

  • Employee Culture

    We are committed to providing an enjoyable and growth-oriented environment for our employees.

Advantages Of Upland InGenius

Upland InGenius is 100% focused on delivering CTI software, with great customer support, to help companies increase agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

We know that every company is different, but our out-of-the-box solution is designed to help companies make the most of their CTI software investment and find a solution that works for them.

Recent Awards

InGenius is a recognized leader in computer telephony integration and contact center technologies.


Canada's Top Growing Companies Award logo

Canada’s Top Growing Companies

The Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies from The Globe and Mail celebrates entrepreneurial achievement in Canada. InGenius earned a spot in 2019 based on 3-year revenue growth of 136%.

Growth 500 award logo

Growth 500

The Growth 500 recognizes Canadian businesses that have achieved aggressive 5-year revenue growth. InGenius was selected in 2019 for 5-year growth of 540% and in 2018 for 446% growth.

Employee's Choice Awards logos

Employees’ Choice Awards

The Employees’ Choice Awards are given to the top 10 employers in Canada’s National Capital Region. InGenius was a 2019-20 and 2018-19 award recipient.

App Foundry Partner of the year logo

Genesys AppFoundry Emerging Partner of the Year

The Emerging Partner of the Year award celebrates a top partner that has demonstrated growth and acumen working with Genesys customers. InGenius was the winner for 2018.

West Ottowa Board of Trade logo

West Ottawa Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards

InGenius was selected for the Tech Award in 2018 by the West Ottawa Board of Trade, for demonstrating innovation and business sustainability in the technology industry.

TMC labs Innovation logo

TMC Labs Innovation Award

The TMC Labs Innovation Award honors products that demonstrate raw innovation and significant contributions to customer-related technologies. InGenius won in 2017.

Unified Communications Award logo

Unified Communications Excellence Award

InGenius was chosen for the Unified Communications Excellence Award in 2017 for contributing trailblazing innovations to the contact center industry.

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