Why InGenius

The InGenius Difference

Enterprise Proven

Fortune 500 companies use InGenius to ensure agent productivity, high customer satisfaction, and real ROI results. With Upland InGenius, you’re not just acquiring a stable computer telephony integration application (CTI) that scales to the needs of your business, you’re gaining a team dedicated to your success. The solution is tested by CTI-dedicated experts and is certified for leading phone and CRM platforms. Centralized licensing and user management, with no desktop installation, make enterprise administration easy. Your project is guaranteed with a no-risk trial.

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InGenius Connector Enterprise easily accommodates the unique telephony and CRM workflow requirements of your organization. As a contact center manager, you can edit your agents’ user interface and settings in real time through a web-based console, giving you maximum control without the need for IT department help. InGenius was designed to address a multitude of business process scenarios out of the box and can easily tie into your workflows to help you achieve your contact center’s objectives.

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InGenius Connector Enterprise supports the security you’ve built into your network for protecting customer data. The way data flows from your CRM to the browser client today doesn’t change with InGenius CTI – no information is transferred to any server outside of your firewall. There is a single point of authentication through the CRM login and your administrators have the ability to grant granular user permissions. InGenius has a proven track record working for industries with sensitive data requirements.


Since InGenius is 100% focused on computer telephony integration, team members possess an unparalleled amount of expertise when it comes to understanding your contact center requirements and implementing CTI best practices. InGenius has been building telephony and CTI products in house, from the ground up since 2003, and has close partnerships with its supported CRMs and telephony providers. These relationships keep InGenius aligned to the partners’ product roadmaps and position InGenius to lead innovations for next-generation CTI.

The InGenius CTI Benefits

Reduce Costs

InGenius makes it easier for contact center, sales, and helpdesk agents to do their job, reducing job frustrations and agent turnover. Our CTI solution also enables users to reduce their average call handle time, without sacrificing quality. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Standard features like screen pop and CRM screen transfer mean that callers don’t need to repeat the same details to each new agent, or even on each new call. Bringing caller details to the forefront increases the odds of first-call resolution.

Track Smarter

CTI benefits the entire company by providing a detailed, accurate record of every phone interaction directly in the CRM for informed analysis and decision-making.

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