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Integrate Your Contact Center Phone System with Salesforce using CTI

Upland InGenius builds on Salesforce Open CTI to help your contact center increase agent productivity and provide enhanced customer experiences, with features like click-to-dial, screen pop, automated call logging, CRM screen transfer, and expanded call reports. InGenius supports the latest Salesforce innovations, including Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Omni-Channel integration.

Integration Challenges Companies Face

Choosing to implement computer telephony integration (CTI) software at a company can feel like a big decision. It’s important that the software achieve what it needs to do, but it’s also important that the process of testing, installing, and maintaining the solution is not a difficult one. 

How InGenius Integration With Salesforce Helps Solve Those Challenges

The InGenius Salesforce CTI solution is designed to offer flexibility right out of the box, so it works the way your team needs it to work. It also requires no desktop install, for ease of implementation. The Upland InGenius team prides ourselves on our exceptional customer care, to ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

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Salesforce CTI Integration


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Upland InGenius is a 5-star user-rated application on the Salesforce AppExchange®.

Supported Salesforce Versions

Upland InGenius works with Salesforce Classic and Lightning, in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud. It also supports the platform, Visualforce pages, High Velocity Sales, BMC Remedy, and Singletrack. For each Salesforce variant, InGenius has a distinct user interface designed to fit beautifully within the Salesforce window, giving your contact center agents an unobstructed view of customer information and intuitive call controls directly within the CRM. The solution for Salesforce works with Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Mitel, and Twilio phone systems.

Deep Salesforce Integration

Advanced InGenius configuration capabilities enable unique contact center-specific workflows between Salesforce and your telephony platform. InGenius can easily integrate with your custom objects out of the box so that call center agents can relate calls to existing records, or create new records on the fly. You have the flexibility to decide how you want computer telephony integration (CTI) to work for your contact center.

How InGenius Works

InGenius integrates directly into Salesforce, adding a small user interface widget that includes caller info, phone controls, and call notes. No desktop installation is needed, so deployment and upgrades are fast and easy. For reliable security, InGenius is hosted inside your firewall, and data is saved in Salesforce, not on an external server.

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The InGenius and Salesforce Relationship

InGenius has been working with Salesforce for years, developing industry-leading telephony integration solutions. When Salesforce started building their breakthrough Open CTI specification, InGenius engineers were involved from the beginning, working closely with the Salesforce team to provide insight and feedback on the development of the technology specification before it was made available to the public. When Open CTI was announced at Dreamforce 2012, Upland InGenius was one of the featured applications. The close relationship with Salesforce means InGenius solutions stay aligned to the Salesforce roadmap, leading the way in computer telephony integration innovation.

InGenius is a Salesforce AppExchange partner and Upland InGenius is a certified app.

Partner Demo System


If you’re a Salesforce employee, consultant, or integration partner, InGenius has a demo environment you can use to showcase the value of Upland InGenius computer telephony integration to customers in your own Salesforce instance.

The system enables you to demonstrate inbound and outbound calls, focusing on the functionality most important to your customer, like click-to-call, call pop, and automated call logging.

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