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Integrate Your Existing Phone System into ServiceNow

Upland InGenius uses computer telephony integration (CTI) to connect existing Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys phone systems into ServiceNow, for world-class customer experiences and productive helpdesk and service desk agents. Built on technology proven in world-class contact centers, the InGenius integration offers features like call pops, click-to-dial, and automated call logging directly within the ServiceNow platform.

Integration Challenges Companies Face

When deciding to implement CTI, ServiceNow users will often want a solution that can be configured to meet their specific requirements. Another important factor is the ease of installation and ease of use of the solution, since both the technical team and the users time is valuable.

How InGenius Integration With ServiceNow Helps Solve Those Challenges

Upland InGenius provides CTI for ServiceNow users that meets these needs. Our integration has been designed to require no desktop install, and to bring phone controls and fields like call notes right into the ServiceNow window for a single-pane-of-glass work environment.

InGenius is also designed with flexibility to meet your business requirements. Templates, the user interface, and workflows can all be configured to meet the needs of the team.

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ServiceNow CTI Integration


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Upland InGenius is a solution backed by reliable expertise and exceptional customer care developed over years in the enterprise telephony industry.

Supported ServiceNow Versions

Upland InGenius works with Customer Service Management (CSM), ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, and ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), versions New York and Madrid, to connect the platform with leading telephony systems. InGenius unifies all phone tools for your contact center agents directly within the ServiceNow window, eliminating extra clicks and providing a full view of customer information. The solution for ServiceNow works with Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys phone systems.

Agent Workspace Compatibility

InGenius helps maximize service desk agent efficiency through the support of CSM Agent Workspace. Inbound calls automatically pop an Interaction in Agent Workspace and associate contacts, accounts, and other objects with an Interaction number. Agents can quickly and accurately call customers back with click-to-dial functionality.

Flexible ServiceNow Integration

The flexibility of the InGenius solution makes it easy to adapt computer telephony integration to fit your business requirements. You can configure workflows, call handling, templates, and the user interface to meet the unique needs of your service center. With InGenius, you have maximum integration control, enhancing the functionality of ServiceNow, and improving your return on investment into the platform.

How InGenius Works

InGenius seamlessly integrates into ServiceNow, displaying a small user interface embedded at the side of the screen for caller info, call notes, and phone controls. Deployment is fast and simple, with no need for any desktop installation or changes to your phone system. Data is saved in ServiceNow rather than an external server, and InGenius runs inside your firewall, so you can be confident your systems are secure.

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The InGenius and ServiceNow Relationship


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Upland InGenius underwent a rigorous set of interoperability, security, and performance testing to become a certified application for computer telephony integration (CTI) on the ServiceNow Store. As a Bronze Technology Partner of ServiceNow, InGenius works closely with the ServiceNow roadmap to ensure its solution is helping customers to work smarter and faster with the latest technologies for helpdesk and IT service management.

Partner Demo System


InGenius offers a demo system designed for ServiceNow employees, consultants, and integration partners.

The system allows you to showcase the value of Upland InGenius live to your customer, using your own instance of ServiceNow. For both inbound and outbound calls, features like click-to-call, screen pop, and automated call logging work are enabled, allowing you to customize a presentation with the functionality that’s most relevant to your customer.

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