20 Powerful Ways to Simplify the Agent Experience

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The needs of today’s customers are complicated. For a business to thrive, meeting these needs, and doing it at a level satisfactory to the customer,  is critical. However, businesses often wither by using outdated tools and processes that make servicing customers skillfully more difficult than it has to be.

A rocky customer experience has a big impact on brand loyalty. According to ICMI research, 86% of customers are very likely to switch companies after one bad service experience. The solution? Companies need to streamline their service complications with effective tools and technology for their contact center agents. Improvements will result in decreased wait times for the customer, more accurate reporting and happier employees.

ICMI and InGenius teamed up to create an infographic of key statistics and several tips on 20 Powerful Ways to Simplify the Agent Experience. Click here to read the full infographic on how contact centers can simplify the customer experience, by simplifying the agent experience.

If you’re interested in making further improvements to your agents’ productivity, take a look at our previous blog post that discusses how computer telephony integration can help.

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