A Better Customer Experience with Workflow Integrations

InGenius® computer telephony integration (CTI) allows contact centers to highly customize their agents’ experience so that those agents can deliver a better customer experience. Workflow integrations enable customizations to the user interface and software functionality, and can reduce clicks for agents. InGenius accelerates ROI to get representatives delivering faster.

Video Transcript

One of the unique values with InGenius Connector Enterprise is the workflow integration capability. This allows us to really highly customize the agent experience, so that that agent can deliver a better customer experience to the person on the end of the phone.

You know, every customer is unique and every customer is serving a different market with a different intention. Our custom workflows make it so that any customer can take our out-of-the-box product and customize it to their own environment.

Right from the design of the software, we have built all the mechanisms in there to make it so that easy workflow integrations you get to do just by settings in the UI. You’re doing something a little bit more complicated? We have a way of absolutely – of changing of the UI, of adding new capabilities to the product.

So customers can decide what to search on, what to pop on and also what fields to write to. So it’s very open in terms of what we can customize. We can add and remove functionality based on the call center’s needs, we can alter the way the software works to reduce the number of clicks. We would end up with a flow that matched their business flow.

We can tie all these things together right up to very, very sophisticated integrations, and we have a team that just does these day in day out, they are expert at it.

Whatever weird thing a company thinks they come up with, we go, “Oh no, that’s just like Bob Co. down the road, they needed something like that.” You just pull it in, morph it and get it out there.

So you need to understand the CRM in detail, you need to understand the phone system in detail, you need to be able to gather the relevant business requirements from the customer, and then bring that all to life in the CRM using the phone system and InGenius Connector Enterprise. And that’s a capability that is very difficult to create. InGenius has spent a long time creating that capability, right, and then refining it, and that is really something that can accelerate ROI for a customer, and get their agents delivering better experiences to their end customers, faster than other organizations can.

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