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InGenius® click-to-create allows agents to create a new case and relate it to a caller automatically. The feature decreases call handle time, reduces data entry errors and allows contact center representatives to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Video Transcript

InGenius is a computer telephony integration innovator that connects existing telephone systems into leading CRMs, easily adapting to unique contact center needs.

Contact center agents spend their day on the phones. They answer calls, take notes, manage multiple channels and log interactions. Creating a case takes at least 6 clicks, with data to fill into 10 or more fields. With this much emphasis on clicks and data entry, there’s always room for error. That’s why InGenius with click-to-create gives agents a productivity boost when creating cases.

This is Katy. She’s an agent at an inbound contact center. Katy receives a call and her screen pops, identifying an existing customer. After a quick chat, Katy determines that this customer is looking for a replacement part. From within the InGenius UI, Katy can quickly and easily create a new case.

Katy’s business workflow determined that replacement parts are logged as cases. So with just two clicks, InGenius automatically creates the case, pre-fills the required fields with the customer’s information and saves the new case in the CRM.

When click-to-create is used, the newly created entity will automatically be populated with the notes Katy entered in the InGenius UI. And since the case is saved, then opened in edit mode, she can make additional notes if required.

When she hangs up, the case information is saved, and the call results are automatically saved and attached.

Click-to-create and all its features are available for Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft Dynamics.

The InGenius click-to-create feature reduces call handle time, reduces data entry errors and allows Katy to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. For more information, visit us today at

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