InGenius and Salesforce

Watch InGenius® executives Dale Gantous and Rich Loen discuss how InGenius came about and the history of the relationship between InGenius and Salesforce®. Learn why Salesforce customers find value in InGenius Connector Enterprise and turn to InGenius as the computer telephony integration (CTI) experts.

Video Transcript

When Salesforce originally launched their API – their application programming interface – called Open CTI, because we have years of prior experience in CTI, they knew that we knew what we were talking about, and so they allowed us to input to the specs for Open CTI, and at that point, we as InGenius decided that this was our calling.

We started from scratch, we started with a blank whiteboard, we put a bunch of architects in a room and shoved pizza under the door for them, and just let them architect their dream software. And so, when Salesforce released Open CTI, the same day we released our software.

It’s a completely disruptive way of doing things. You didn’t have to have an install in every desktop, you just had a server and you added people’s names to a list, whether you were adding 10 names or 1,000 names, it was no more difficult to deploy.

Look at our reviews on Salesforce AppExchange, you will see what our customers say about us and that is paramount.

We have had fantastic relationships with our partners. In taking advantage of the innovations of our partners to build innovations ourselves, and bring more value to our customers.

We’ve continued to grow, we’ve got over 250 customers in 30 countries around the world. They are a testament to the fact that we are the CTI experts.

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